Friday, December 5, 2014

caffiene in system, ready, set, go!

So, I've decided to dedicate every Friday to a weekly summary of how my writing journey has been over the past week. It'll be a good way to keep myself on track, as well as share my process of bringing my book to publication :) (which btw I'm soooo excited about!)

biggest news of the week

This would have to be my official decision to go indie with the novel I'm polishing up, as well as the rest of the novels in the series. Let the excitement/nervousness/please-don't-pee-my-pants journey begin!

this week's successes

I won a consult with Susan Kaye Quinn! And I never win at any raffle type things ever! I think I repeated the phrase "OMG I can't believe I won. I never win!" at least 30 times. It was an extremely helpful thing for me to win, and I appreciate Susan's generosity and willingness to help fellow indie authors.

what i learned

I'd read Susan's book on indie publishing, as well as a few others, so I already had some knowledge on the subject. But with Susan's help, I've mapped out a timeline for the next year which will include the release of the first novel in the series (title to be announced soon!) as well as the next two books in the series, all by the end of the year! Yep, I'm going to be one busy lady!

what i can improve on

I've done a lot of planning this week, which will pay off, but I haven't gotten much editing or writing done. #mybad #betterlucknextweek

goals for next week

I want to get at least 5k words written in book #2, as well as some significant editing done on book #1. "Significant editing" is more vague than it should be, but I'm still assessing what all needs to be revised before the book is ready, so I'll let some vagueness pass (this time. next time it's off-with-my-head). Originally I wrote the book in first-person, present tense, and then during my last semester of my MFA program, I switched it to third-person, past tense. I think the change helped me figure out the story better, but I'm now realizing that first person suits the story better, and I'm questioning if I want to keep it in past tense or switch it back to present! Aahh! By next week, I need to have made a decision! (I'll need a lot more coffee if I plan on switching the whole thing back!)

Well, there's my first week's post! Has anyone else switched a novel POV and tense only to switch it back to where it started (aka, went crazy?)?


  1. Yay, a title! Titles are fun. Titles and covers are like the frosting of the book world. =)

  2. they are fun! :) I've had the title planned since I wrote the first draft, but now I'm planning out the rest of the series titles and want to make sure it fits well with the rest!

  3. Sounds like you're making progress! I've found this time of the year, it can be very difficult to focus and get things done. There are so many other things clamoring for attention.

    1. Very true! I'm hoping to keep at least mostly focused, but I'm sure I'll allow my mind to wander a little in the Christmas spirit :)