Wednesday, September 2, 2015

my blog is moving!

So.. after a lot of thought.. I've decided to write under Nissa Leder.

I have created a new blog for my new pen name:

Please check it out and if you'd like, follow me there :)

Saturday, August 1, 2015

I absolutely LOVE JK Rowling but...

okay, first, Happy Belated Birthday to the wonderful JK Rowling. She is my hero. Her books changed my life and are a big reason I am a writer. Yesterday, I browsed a bunch of articles dedicated to her or her books. I was reminded that she has said that she doesn't think Ron and Hermione would have actually ended up together and that if they did, they wouldn't have stayed together.

JK Rowling is the author, so I'm sure she knows best, but I totally see Ron and Hermione together. I think their opposite natures complement each other. Maybe Ron doesn't always pay attention and isn't a bookwork. Hermione is smart and dedicated to knowledge. She has a know-it-all personality sometimes. That's what makes her such a great character. Ron's more laid back style balances that. I think they helped each other grow throughout the series, and they would have kept doing so after. I don't think it's always true, but sometimes opposites really do attract and can be good together.

I loved that Harry and Hermione were always friends first, and I never got the vibe that they really ever thought about being more. The books are far better than the movies, but I loved the scene where Harry and Hermione are alone after Ron leaves, and they dance in the tent. There may have been a split second that they would have contemplated being more, but that wasn't their destiny. In today's world, there aren't a lot of times girls and boys can truly be just friends without drama, but I always thought Harry and Hermione were able to keep things platonic successfully. I loved that about them.

So, JK Rowling may have done things differently if she were to write the series all over again, but I think things turned out the way they should have.

Any different opinions? I'll keep an open mind :)

Saturday, July 11, 2015

All in name...

So, last month I got married! It was a pretty low-key wedding, with a total of 8 guests. My brother-in-law made our cake and officiated the ceremony. My sister, friend, and now mother-in-law did the decorations. And everyone pitched in to take pictures.

Everyone asks me how it feels to be married, and for the most part it feels the same. Joe (my husband) and I moved from Washington state to Arizona in February. Moving across the county together and leaving most of our family behind felt like a big change. Promising to be together at a ceremony when we were always committed to each other didn't feel as life changing. Maybe if we had waited to live together until marriage it would be different, but for the most part, we went back to our normal life the next day.

One thing though, is different. I decided to take his last name, which is Leder. Now, I've considered hyphenating it with my maiden name, and I still might, but on a daily basis, I will now go by Genissa Leder. IT FEELS SO WEIRD! Of course, with time, it will seem normal (or more-so at least.) It's left me with a big decision though...

What name do I want to write under?

So far, my plan is to self-publish, and I want a name that will stand out, but still be recognizable. My first name is already complicated. You can't find "Genissa" on any pre-made key chains. My maiden name, Bornong, isn't easy either. I sometimes go by "Nissa," and have considered using it since it's shorter. My new last name, Leder, still isn't common, but it's shorter and less intimidating to try to pronounce (it's LEEder, for anyone wondering :)

So, with four options ahead of me... Genissa Bornong, Nissa Bornong, Genissa Leder, or Nissa Leder, I'm totally confused. Part of me wants to keep Genissa Bornong so that part of me is still alive. Part of me really likes the idea of using my nickname Nissa, because I don't use it all that often in my grown-up life and it reminds me of friends who would use it, and I want readers to be friends. And part of me wants to commit to my new last name because it's part of me now.

Needless to say, I'm still deciding... But to end on a happy note, here are a few pictures from my wedding!

Monday, May 25, 2015

(Another) Fresh Start

Somehow my plans never seem to happen the way I think they will. But perseverance has to eventually lead to success, right? :)

My last blog post got deleted, so a quick summary of that post: My fiancé Joe and I moved from Washington state to the Phoenix area, got new jobs, found a house, and are now settling in to our new life. We're getting married next month (yay!). It's going to be a super small ceremony in my sister's backyard, so there isn't a whole lot of planning to do, but I want it to be nice so that's taken up some of my time, too. It's all been super exciting and things are working out great for us, but my writing has definitely slacked.

Good news though! We're settled, the wedding is planned, and I'm ready to start strong!

I've learned to the key to me succeeding is setting reasonable goals, so here are my goals until the end of June:

Write 500 words a day
Blog twice a week
Read more
Have fun with my writing

The last one is the biggest for me. I get too caught up with my self expectations sometimes that I forget to just enjoy it.

What about you? How do you handle writing when life gets crazy?

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

IWSG and the New Year

So it's a new year, when people write down what they want to accomplish over the next 52 weeks. A clean slate. A fresh start. A time that's booming with potential. Except, it's also the close to a year. I'm optimistic about the year ahead, but I also realize just how much I didn't get done last year, and it's kinda depressing :-/

I tend to reminisce about what I could and definitely should have done. My biggest insecurity- that I'm just going to fail anyway so why try- sneaks in and wrap themselves around my mind until I'm defeated and ready to quit. Luckily, I'm also determined, so I'll sweep those insecurities out of my mind for awhile and start over. I'll make a list about everything I'm going to do. For real. This time, I'm totally going to do it! Until I don't. I make my goals so big, that I overwhelm myself. I might stick to them for a short period of time, but eventually I fall off and instead of jumping back on and continuing full force ahead, I get discouraged and quit for awhile until I can fight the insecurities all over again.

Instead of dwelling (which I have a bad habit of doing), I have a new strategy to the new year. While I've made out a goal of the projects I want to do this year, I'm not making out a daily plan ahead of time. Very rarely do I ever actually follow a schedule if I make it. My new plan this year is to write down what I actually do each day. My hope is to analyze how productively I use my time, and to become more productive all around in my life, but especially my writing.

So that's my biggest goal of the new year. What about you? Are you good at following schedules or do you prefer to just go with the flow?

Oh, and Happy New Year!!! :)

Friday, December 12, 2014

icky sicky

So this last week didn't go quite as well as I planned, but here's my weekly update nonetheless :)

biggest news of the week

being sick does not make me a more productive writer :-/

this week's successes

I'm in the middle of rereading my manuscript, and I realize that it doesn't suck as much as I thought it did :)

what i learned

sinus infections suck! big time!
nyquil is awesome
DVR's are a lifesaver

what i can improve on

Achieving my goals of the week. I was sick with one of the worst colds I've ever had from Friday evening until yesterday, so I'll give my self a little slack. This time.

goals for next week

finish rereading my manuscript and decide if I want to change from third to first person.
if I decide to change it, switch the first 50 pages.
start writing the sequel, which I can't do until I decide on my POV

Here's to hoping I stay healthy and next week goes better!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

ignorance vs. sanity

I've never been one to watch the news daily. I like to be an informed person, but watching all the bad stuff that happens in the world makes me sad, mad, helpless, and a million other bad feelings. Someone is murdered, someone is sick, someone stole something or blew something up. The bad things that happen consume the media far more than the good things, and whatever makes the better "story" is what gets the airtime. It's what gets spread like wildfire on the internet, with people from all over the world giving their opinions on facebook posts. Arguing with each other, determined that they are right and anyone who doesn't agree with them entirely is wrong.

More and more I wonder how things will change. It's easy to comment on how wrong something is, but a whole other ordeal to change something. And change is hard. Change requires more than arguing. I truly believe change requires people to see both sides of something. It requires understanding. And then it requires effort.

I want to be someone who can change the world. But anymore, I have the urge to bury my head under the sand and just ignore it all. I don't like to feel mad and sad and bad over things. All those feelings steal my energy and leave me worthless to the other things in life I should be doing.

Maybe that's why I'm a writer. I can create an army of characters to change my fictional world. As a writer, I have some control. And maybe my words can somehow change the actual world.

That's the hope, at least.