Saturday, August 1, 2015

I absolutely LOVE JK Rowling but...

okay, first, Happy Belated Birthday to the wonderful JK Rowling. She is my hero. Her books changed my life and are a big reason I am a writer. Yesterday, I browsed a bunch of articles dedicated to her or her books. I was reminded that she has said that she doesn't think Ron and Hermione would have actually ended up together and that if they did, they wouldn't have stayed together.

JK Rowling is the author, so I'm sure she knows best, but I totally see Ron and Hermione together. I think their opposite natures complement each other. Maybe Ron doesn't always pay attention and isn't a bookwork. Hermione is smart and dedicated to knowledge. She has a know-it-all personality sometimes. That's what makes her such a great character. Ron's more laid back style balances that. I think they helped each other grow throughout the series, and they would have kept doing so after. I don't think it's always true, but sometimes opposites really do attract and can be good together.

I loved that Harry and Hermione were always friends first, and I never got the vibe that they really ever thought about being more. The books are far better than the movies, but I loved the scene where Harry and Hermione are alone after Ron leaves, and they dance in the tent. There may have been a split second that they would have contemplated being more, but that wasn't their destiny. In today's world, there aren't a lot of times girls and boys can truly be just friends without drama, but I always thought Harry and Hermione were able to keep things platonic successfully. I loved that about them.

So, JK Rowling may have done things differently if she were to write the series all over again, but I think things turned out the way they should have.

Any different opinions? I'll keep an open mind :)