Monday, May 25, 2015

(Another) Fresh Start

Somehow my plans never seem to happen the way I think they will. But perseverance has to eventually lead to success, right? :)

My last blog post got deleted, so a quick summary of that post: My fiancé Joe and I moved from Washington state to the Phoenix area, got new jobs, found a house, and are now settling in to our new life. We're getting married next month (yay!). It's going to be a super small ceremony in my sister's backyard, so there isn't a whole lot of planning to do, but I want it to be nice so that's taken up some of my time, too. It's all been super exciting and things are working out great for us, but my writing has definitely slacked.

Good news though! We're settled, the wedding is planned, and I'm ready to start strong!

I've learned to the key to me succeeding is setting reasonable goals, so here are my goals until the end of June:

Write 500 words a day
Blog twice a week
Read more
Have fun with my writing

The last one is the biggest for me. I get too caught up with my self expectations sometimes that I forget to just enjoy it.

What about you? How do you handle writing when life gets crazy?