Wednesday, June 4, 2014

IWSG and commitment

My current struggle is commitment to my writing. I graduated from Spalding's MFA in writing program in November and had planned to take a few months off to dedicate to my writing before I switched jobs. After graduation, I realized I actually needed a bit of a break. My last semester was intense, and after finishing up my thesis while working full time, I was tired.

Now I'm starting a new career and trying to fit in my writing. I have small spurts where I write consistently, and then I fall off the tracks. However, I've made a new commitment to myself to keep a better schedule, but to make it reasonable. I overwhelm myself by expecting large chunks of writing everyday and then I put the writing off. I'm spending the next month brainstorming/plotting my WIP, and then (fingers crossed) going to stick to writing it. Even if it's slow and steady.

What are your writing habits? Can you keep to a writing schedule you set?